Top Halloween Costumes 2017

Top Halloween Costumes 2017

It is that time of the year again. As we are getting closer to the day of ghosts, witches, skeletons, monsters, and vampires, people start wondering what they are going to put on this year. This list of top Halloween costumes 2017 was prepared to inspire those who have not yet decided, those who have not started their search, and, moreover, those who want to be original and make a difference with their parties when enjoying the tricks and treats this year.

Top 20 Best Halloween Costumes 2017

  1. Descendants 2 Costumes

Descendants 2 Costumes

Among the Disney Descendants costumes, Carlos, the son of Cruela De Vil, has everything to succeed in Halloween. Although Carlos is a young character, the costume can fit to any man, regardless of age, if costume and make-up are well prepared. He can have that evil, distrustful look that causes a frightening impact to other people at their first glance. Evil look in combination with the jumpy and anxious behavior. Imagine the reaction of a person who opens the door and stares at a well depicted Carlos with the black and white wig. Well, you might want to have your hair dyed. If Carlos is your choice, have a great make-up and rehearse the behavior. Watch for the dogs and show you are very afraid of them if the opportunity is given to you.

Jay, the son of Jafar, is another great option. And it is not because of the ugliness of his father, the villain of Alladin. Jay is a handsome, punkish, athletic thief. For Jay, have punk gloves and show them well.

The best female character for Halloween among Disney Descendants is Mal, the daughter of Maleficent. The long, dark, colored hair that partially hides a face with a sharp, killing, evil look impresses at first glance. All of that surrounded by the high violet collar that can be very threatening to the one who opens the door at night.

  1. Wonder Woman 2017 Costumes

Wonder Woman costumes

Wonder Woman costumes are very much preferred by girls and women alike because people can easily recognize them and most are fans of the unforgettable original character of Lynda Carter. You might want to check the weather for Halloween night or, in your costume preparation, have an option to get more protected in case it is a chilly night in your area. Wonder Woman looks sensual so do not go for this costume if you do not feel you have a sleek figure. It is essential to include the gloves and forehead shield. Have a black, thick-haired wig to complement the character as it should be.

  1. Game of Thrones Costumes

Game of Thrones Costumes

Wun Wun giant is, for sure, the character that impacts the most for a Halloween night. Have a mask and prepare your voice to sound like him. It is very scary, just what you want for the occasion. Although your clothes have to look like the clothes of the character, few people will pay much attention to your clothes as the face is so terribly ugly.

As a female Game of Thrones character, The High Priestess costume, with its red hood and gown, will impress your party. You can add threatening gestures to make it look more evil when you knock at the door and it suddenly opens.

Regardless of gender, the White Walker mask is a great option for Halloween. Guaranteed to look ghostly all night!

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi Costumes

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Costumes

Master Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are already classic options for costumes. The characters may look too good for Halloween but the Yoda mask and a lightsaber at night will be very impressive and cause the desired effect. It helps if some of the guys in your group dress like white storm troopers.

  1. Justice League Costumes

Justice League Costumes

Aquaman, although it comes from the water, must look dirty and careless with the voluminous hair and beard. It might not be the best costume for a cold night but, anyway, it will impress and have that evil look.

Of course, the girls can go for the Wonder Woman costume but they might want to dress like Green Lantern with the green mask on the face. It will for sure be a hit and something different from what people are used to see.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Costumes

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Costumes

Paint your face green and dress the Gamora costume. And make it a little lighter green than the color you see in your in your screen to compensate for the night. You are going to be unforgettable, no doubt about it. Fit a dark long hair wig in your head if you need it to complement the character.

Many people would like the dress the Rocket Racoon costume but you might want to cause more impact dressed like Drax The Destroyer. Choose a mask that really looks like bleeding scars and have in your hands blades that look threatening sharp.

  1. Annabelle 2 Creation Costumes

Annabelle Costumes

Look like a bad, very bad doll in Halloween evening. Make a kill with the white gown, red hair and bleeding scars on your face. You will have the advantage that the Anabelle look is already associated with evil in the minds of most of the people.

  1. Transformers: The Last Knight Costumes

Transformers: The Last Knight Costumes

Megatron will scare to death anyone who opens the door you have knocked. The big, voluminous, metal look with a evil face does not need a Halloween night to cause panic to most of the people. You can’t miss the joy if you dress a Megatron costume.

  1. The Emoji Movie Costumes

The Emoji Movie-Costumes 2017

Do not choose a happy emoticon face for Halloween, if your goal is to have people scared when they open the door to you. A happy face will not sound convincing to say trick or treat. Go for a grin face or even a tongue out face to cause more reaction people.

  1. Beauty and the Beast 2017 Costumes

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

If you are going to trick-or-treating this year with your significant other, one excellent option is to pair up with The Beauty and The Beast costumes. It will look better if Beauty is skinny and Beast is tall and athletic. You can even rehearse the voices of the characters to have one offering the treat and the other the trick. Just guess who should be the evil one.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Costumes

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Costumes

When it comes to the Pirates of the Caribbean costumes everybody thinks to Jack Sparrow. Yes, Johnny Depp´s character is one of the easiest faces to spot and pirates in general are more associated with tricks than treats. So, you will look threatening anyway.

Jack is so widely known that there are male and female costumes of him. Carina is an option for the girls, although the long dress will strike people as being more beautiful than scary.

Barbosa with his immense hat will impact on many people. Again, people associate pirates with something evil so Barbosa can be very effective to get the best treats.

The Goatee costume can be very impressive in a Halloween night, as well. If this is your choice, a good recommendation is to get your on beard for at least a week before the occasion and let it grow carelessly, without any grooming. Add the dreadlocks-style hair with the costume and you are ready to knock on the doors.

  1. LEGO Ninjago Movie Costumes

LEGO Ninjago Costumes

Nya for the girls and Lloyd for the boys if you prefer to have the Lego Ninjago costumes. Both will make people react and prefer a quick treat, mainly if they see ninja swords and angry eyebrows. It is essential to wear the proper black gloves to give the toy look to your hands.

  1. Shopkins Costumes

Shopkins Costumes

Shopkins are excellent costumes to young girls that want to cause more impact for their beauty than for their evil make up. Peppa-mint with a light blue wig and pink dress will look as sweet as the treat she is asking for and many people will concede to that. The same goes true for the Apple Blossom costume, that can be emphasized with apple perfume.

  1. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Costumes

The Legend of Zelda Costumes

A brave Zelda with a golden tiara and sword will make wonders in Halloween night. She can easily impose a treat to anyone if trained to show them an authoritarian face. For the boys, definitely Link with the Master sword, Hylian shield and the long ears that look like coming from the middle of the long hair disguised by the green hood is an excellent costume. Both Zelda and Link can get the best treats in Halloween.

  1. It Pennywise 2017 Costumes

It Pennywise Costumes

The scary clown Pennywise is a costume that can fit male and female alike. It is important to have a big wig so that the red hair will make your head look many times larger than what it actually is and also have monstrous ugly teeth, large enough to keep the mouth open to make room for them. The teeth must be disgusting and cause a reaction of repugnance. They will get you the treat, for sure.

  1. Kingdom Hearts Costumes

Kingdom Hearts Costumes

Riku with baggy blue pants and large shoes is a recommended costume for Halloween. Have the thick blade sword and the grayish wig with hair that comes down almost vertically and you are ready to make a difference in your group of friends.

For the girls, Shion with her long black dress will be seen as a bed witch in the night, no matter how she behaves. Black short hair and a key big enough to be perceived as a weapon will complement the outfit to make it look like ready to give the tricks to anyone.

  1. Power Rangers 2017 Costumes

Power Rangers 2017 Costumes

If you feel like wearing Power Rangers costumes, convince you crowd to follow suit. A complete group of Power Rangers will impress more than one single ranger surrounded by pirates, ghosts or zombies. The preferential character would be Zack and Kimberly, both with mask or make-up along with the costume. Of course you will have to discuss in your group who are going to be the stars and who are going to be the supporting actors.

The advantage of this costume is that the Rangers are well known and nobody would deny a treat to those who are here to save the world.

  1. Cars 3 Costumes

Cars 3 Costumes

It is hard to dress like Cars. It should be more for toddlers than any other age as costumes of Ligthning McQueen and Cruz look sweet and some people will have difficulty to associate them with the movie. Anyway, they are good option for toddlers.

  1. My Little Pony The Movie Costumes

My Little Pony Costumes

You can dress colorful like Rainbow Dash. Put on the colored wig and the big eyes mask to look impressive. If you do it well, you can expect a bag full of candies because the Little Pony costume will be appealing to many people who open the door in the Halloween night.

  1. Despicable Me 3 Costumes

Despicable Me 3 Costumes

It is fun to dress like Minion and even more fun if you dare to put on an inflatable costume. It is great! Guaranteed success! Dress and behave as if you are ready to defeat Balthazar Bratt anytime. Everybody knows Minion due to the mass advertisements that have been made. Even people who do not know the name will, for sure, recognize the one-eyed yellow face and smile. The inflatable costume, with is rounded shape is very funny to see.

That is a long list of top Halloween costumes 2017. Fortunately there is lot to choose from. Do your best with the costume and add the makeup. Professional make up if you can afford it for the special night. Make up impresses a lot at first glance, which is exactly what you want. It is a necessary complement to your costume and you make a terrific impression. Think how great it can be if you knock on the door of your neighbor, who have known you for many years and your neighbor does not recognize you in your costume and make up.

In addition, keep in mind that you are playing a character so it is time to practice your theater skills even though they might have been hiding inside you for a long time. Have fun! Along with the costume, study your character. Learn the way your character speaks, acts, behaves and play them accordingly. Always remember it is a night supposed to be scary, so try to make your character act and sound scary. People who open the door to you must be surprised, yes, but if they are scared and feel threatened for a couple of seconds, you have made your day. Or night, so to speak.

Organize your group of friends and relatives to get the most out of the Halloween night. Perhaps you can make a contest in the group to choose which one has best played the chosen character. Not only the costume but the behavior along the night, when knocking on the doors. Play the bad guy of the movie for the first seconds each time someone opens the door to you and end up your phrases with a trick or treat in a threatening tone. People will engage in your play and will thank you for making their evening more enjoyable too.

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Remember, Halloween celebrates ghosts, witches, skeletons and monsters just as a remembrance of all saints. It is for everybody and all deserve to have fun.

Get ready with your costume and make up and have a very happy Halloween!