Legend of Zelda Costumes for Kids & Adults: Link and Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Costumes

Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Halloween Costumes: Link and Princess Zelda

For Halloween, you want to make sure you get a jump start on your costume so that you have the best possible selection. For Zelda fans, there’s a whole array of different costumes that you can buy.

Based on the characters from the popular video game, any one of these costumes is sure to be a big hit for trick or treating or for heading to a party. You can get the Link costume, which also one of the more sought after ones.

If you remember, Link is one of the protagonists in the game. Throughout the different game changes, you see this character as different ages. He’s a child, then a teenager and then a young adult.

Link Child Costume

Link Child Costume

He looks a little bit like an elf and this magical creature is one of the staples of the Zelda franchise. You can also find him in Mario Kart as an unlockable character. You have to play the courses enough times in certain fields, gaining enough points to be able to play as the character.

He’s dressed in a green tunic with the long cap. That’s what you’ll find with his Halloween costumes. You can get this costume in both child and adult size. Regardless of what age group the costumes are in, they start with the basic green tunic and then they add accessories – like his sword and his shield.

Link Breath Of The Wild Adult Costume

Link Breath Of The Wild Adult Costume

But not all of the costumes will have those. His costume usually has the shoulder and waist belts, along with his arm guards and boot covers. It all depends on which version of the costume that you buy.

You’ll see that some of the waist belts have attached pouches that you can use. In the newest game for the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, Link’s tunic color is blue and he carries a bow and arrow.

Link Breath Of The Wild Costume

Link Breath Of The Wild Boys Costume

You’ll find this with some of the Link costumes as well so you can choose the older or the newer one. With Zelda, you also have the option of getting it in child or young adult size as well as for adults.

With her costume, you get a dress and the color of that dress will vary slightly, depending on where you buy it from. Most of the costumes usually come with the tiara and the shoulder piece that goes on over the head.

Princess Zelda Costume

Princess Zelda Costume

You might find these as separate pieces or where the shoulder piece is made into the dress as an attachment. The apron piece may or may not be included and it’s the same deal with the sword.

But for costumes that don’t include the extra accessories, those are usually available as separate purchases. Many of the Zelda costumes don’t include the shoes – just like Link’s doesn’t include the boots the character wears.

Legend of Zelda Costumes for Kids & Adults

 Link Breath Of The Wild Boys Costume Link Breath Of The Wild Adult Costume Link Child Costume Link Adult Costume Princess Zelda Child Costume Princess Zelda Adult Costume

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